"Awesome job!!! Super presenters! Great guys who had a fun, interactive & educational presentation. Thanks for the introductory knowledge of ChatGPT. The presentation was a good combination of info and practice."

-Participant from Session at the Upstate Technology Conference (2023)

“I would sincerely like to thank you for the work that you put into our class, especially during such difficult times. Though it may be challenging to conduct a band class in a completely virtual environment, you manage to make our class both fun and engaging while educating us on the world of music. As I have engaged in these lessons myself, I simply am not able to fully comprehend the work that you must put in both inside and outside of our school hours...I, as well as the many other students in this class, appreciate your dedication.”

-8th Grade Band Student (2021)

“Thank you so much for all you do. I personally have had so much fun in your class and always look forward to it. You have such a close bond with all your students and that is something that not all teachers possess. You work so hard to make sure that we get the best band education possible. I have learned so much in band even though it is virtual. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”

-8th Grade Band Student (2020)

"As a teacher, Corey connects with his students and creates personal connections. The result is that he is able to both encourage and challenge his students in order to produce quality growth and performance. With his colleagues, Corey is an effective leader. He supports his colleagues when they are struggling, offering a listening ear and suggestions, when requested. Corey works well with others and is open to working with colleagues that may be outside of his area of expertise. He is not afraid of a challenge and is committed to seeing his projects through. Corey has been often chosen by administration to give opinions and create solutions as they trust his level-headedness and body of knowledge. Overall, Corey is an effective teacher-leader."

-Colleague from Longleaf Middle School

"Mr. Hagans is an outstanding worker and teacher who rarely receives the praise that is deserving of him! Instructionally, he is innovative and thinks outside of the box to engage his students. He also has great classroom management which is reflective in his other teaching practices such as developing a positive rapport with students and parents, maintaining active student engagement, and fostering positive behaviors. He culturally relevant and strives to relate to his students. Mr. Hagans is such a CONSISTENT and DISCIPLINED individual. In addition, he works with his community of colleagues and administrators for various weekly, biweekly, and monthly tasks. I rated Mr. Hagans in the top 2% in his current job because although he does not receive the credit I believe that he should have at his school this does not stop him "one bit" from continuing to excel his students, school, and profession!"

-Colleague from the Tri-District Arts Consortium